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Reasons Why Workers Are Dismissed

A heartbreaking experience for an employee is termination. Nobody wants to go to work just to get fired. This time is also challenging to the employer. How an organization sends off an employee matters a lot to the business. Firing an employee is seldom the will of the employee. The outplacement bureau help in the placement of the dismissed workers. But in any case firing has to happen and there are always reasons behind it.


Grounds for dismissal

employeesSometimes employees provide reasons that make dismissal incumbent. For instance, under performance. A company needs a worker who is determined to succeed. There are so many unemployed workers out there who promise good performance. A company cannot keep an unproductive worker when there is a better one.

Another reason is misconduct. Misconduct has been the cause of dismissal of a significant number of employees in our economy. Another common problem is attendance issues. Attendance problems are such as absenteeism and situations where the worker absents himself and does not notify the manager. Other reasons are unauthorized breaks or failing to return after a break.

Employment termination

When dismissal is necessary, it is important for the employer to follow some statutory laws. First, the employer needs to be knowledgeable and conform to legislation. The employer is also supposed to treat every employee fairly regardless of the situation. The dismissal should be just and in good faith. In the termination process, one thing that should be given priority is the employee’s dignity. The employee should handle the termination process in a manner that will not jeopardize with the worker’s dignity. The amount of information that others get should be limited to maintain the reputation of the worker.

Types of termination

There is a cause and without cause termination. Termination with a cause is a case where an employee has done something that has violated the relationship with the employer. This is where reasons like misconduct and performance come in. Termination without cause is a case where the employee is terminated not on the grounds of misconduct or poor performance. In this case, the employee is liable for a notice period and a severance pay.

Notice and Severance pay

man The notice period is the period between a notice of dismissal and the end of employment. This period is meant to prepare both parties for release. At this period, the employee is still eligible for benefits. A severance pay is a payment that a worker gets when being dismissed. It comprises of salaries benefits and other extras such as unused vacations.

Dismissal of a worker

Dismissal of a worker can be a terrible situation. With much caution, the situation can be taken care of.Employers sometimes find it difficult to dismiss an employee even when the reason is valid. But if necessary, the employer and employee will understand the circumstance.