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Pregnancy – Breast Changes And Discomfort

A woman’s body undergoes changes during pregnancy. From the onset of pregnancy hormones are released into the body to aid in the development of the baby and the needs that may be required after the baby is born. These changes include breasts swelling, and they may feel tender source – breast tenderness during pregnancypregnant woman . One may feel tiredness, nausea and a frequent need to go to the bathroom.

As the pregnancy develops a bump may begin to show as the baby continues to grow bigger. One may also have heartburns, and sometimes breathlessness for the baby pushes the diaphragm, intestines, and stomach. What changes do happen on the breast? What would one expect?

Breast Changes And Discomforts


Hormonal changes throughout pregnancy cause an increase in blood flow and changes in the breast tissue. This may make one’s breasts feel swollen, tingly, sore and unusually sensitive when touched. Some women describe the feeling as pain. These changes are normal for the woman’s body is preparing for the arrival and nursing of the baby. Pregnancy-related breast changes to expect includes:
• The growth and enlargement of the breasts.
• The breasts feeling tender and hypersensitivity and may lead to a bit of discomfort.
• The nipples and areolas (the skin around the nipples) darkening this is due to hormones which affect skin pigmentation.
• Colostrum leakage from the breasts. Colostrum is a thick yellowish substance which is the first milk the baby will drink once they are born.
• The veins and pigment changes. One may begin to see the veins under the skin of the breasts. Likewise, one’s nipples may start to get bigger and darker.
• Lumps may be felt on the areola. You might have never noticed the little bumps on your areolas before. However now these lumps may become more noticeable. The bumps are a kind of oil-producing gland named Montgomery’s tubercles.

To note, the woman’s hormones are the cause of the changes. Likewise, some changes may be experienced more than other.

What To Do to Easy Discomfort

woman sleeping on sofaInvest in some comfortable bras. Get nice maternity and nursing bras that will give good support, have a deep band underneath the cups. Also, with an adjustable closure for flexibility to adjust the bra.

Likewise, have a pregnancy sleep bra that is soft made of cotton for sleeping with at night. Ensure to invest in a bra that has a little room to grow for you may increase in your breast cup size.