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Yoga Wheel – The Ultimate Tool for Easy and Effective Stretching Exercises

Yoga wheel has brought a new trend in the world of yoga, and it has now become the preferred equipment for well-known yogis. It is a wonderful handcrafted exercise tool that you can use to open up your back and shoulders. You can also utilize it to relax your muscles, align your spine, extend your hip flexors and quadriceps. It can help you expand your chest too.

Here are some exercises that you can do with a yoga wheel:

1. Backbends

With the yoga wheel, you can do your backbend exercise safely. It is designed for doing back bending workouts for both novices and veterans alike.


For beginners, the wheel makes backbends a lot easier to get to by guiding them gracefully towards the ultimate posture. The tool can assist advanced practitioners to intensify their pose or loosen up their muscles.

2. Forearm stands

A yoga wheel is quite useful for forearm balancing, which is one of the most effective exercises that you can do using this tool. It is also helpful with scorpion pose or vrschikasana and hollow backs.

3. Handstand Press

The equipment is pretty challenging for your handstand press. Hugging the wheel through one leg or between your calf and thigh, pressing up will be more accessible. Squeezing the yoga wheel and drawing it in toward your chest will assist you to engage your legs and core more, allowing you to get your hips up over your shoulders with no hopping. This makes the wheel one of the best tools for stretching exercises.

Handstand Press

4. Extra core stabilization

A yoga wheel is a perfect tool when it comes to creeping in additional core stabilization. You can incorporate the yoga wheel into your balance poses such as opposite arm or leg extension, boards, standing balance postures, or even mountain pose. It is an immense way to incorporate additional challenges and core stability.

Additionally, the wheel is excellent in reversing the customs of sitting and rounding your shoulders forward. You can use it as well to access deeper distinctions of backbends in poses, such as forearm balance.

Using a yoga wheel to relieve tight muscles

A lot of people experience tightness in the different areas of their bodies. These include the chest, shoulders, and the back. With the wheel’s size and shape, you will be able to relax your body as it helps you open up those tight areas. Such stretching exercises will prepare you for yoga routine.