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“Eyesight takes us closer to our ‘minority report’ future with its second-gen singlecue”

“Singlecue Gen 2’s new gestures can be performed at any time to control central functions of the devices”

“Seriously, this is straight out of some super science fiction movie — if you want to control functions, you swipe the air with a single finger…”

“Impress everyone at the party with this hand-controlled device.”

“The “Harry Potter” fan in your life can use their finger like a wand and easily turn up and down the volume or flip back and forth through channels. ”

“Channel surf, fast forward and turn on and off with simple gestures. This is the future, everybody.”


“Soon you’ll be able to control devices at home with the simple flick of a finger, all thanks to gesture control technology.”


“Sure, you can get a universal remote control to change TV channels, your stereo, Apple TV, even your lights, but what if you could do all that just by lifting your finger?”


“Tired of losing the remote control behind the sofa? Then you need a universal remote. Keep losing that too? Ah, then take a look at the Onecue (singlecue).”


“It takes the tangible out of the interface and gives you Minority Report-like powers over channel changing, volume, lights and more.”

“Clicking buttons on a remote is so 2013. In 2014 and beyond, gadget makers are turning their attention to voice commands and gesture controls as the preferred method of navigating on-screen interfaces and controlling the various devices in your home. ”


“One problem with the number of living room gadgets available now is the number of remote controls that we need to use them. A new device from eyeSight seeks to remedy this issue by turning the user into a universal controller. Onecue (singlecue) allows users to control a host of devices via hand gestures.”


“Israel-based startup eyeSight Technologies promises to bring us closer to the Minority Report future science fiction has promised us.”

“singlecue (onecue) can turn you into an appliance-controlling Jedi”


“Singelcue hit the market last week and promises to bring control of multiple smart (and old-fashioned) household devices—quite literally—at your finger tips.”

“Rather than having you whip out your phone every time you need to switch something on or off, the company’s new OneCue device is designed to recognize gestures — allowing you to control all your connected devices like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.”

“Is the remote control being replaced by your finger? The motion-sensing Singlecue lets you control various cable, satellite and streaming set-top boxes with slight movements of your index finger.“

“Imagine a living room with no remote controls. Well its here, the singlecue from eyeSight makes that possible by adding gestural controls to your home entertainment system and smart home components.”



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